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Software Engineer

June 2022 Newsletter

Partner Go-Live announcements!

Marketplace We are excited to announce four new Q2 Accelerator Partners, With Clutch, Virtual StrongBox, Unblu, and Lanvera!

WithClutch loan applications for CUs drastically improve the front-end experience for members when applying for loans, and the back-end experience for consumer lending advocates who receive fully funded loan applications directly in their existing LOS. The unique workflow does a soft credit pull early in the app and cross-references their credit report to your CU’s rate sheets to offer the member refinance opportunities and the ability to apply for new pre-approved loans.

Virtual StrongBox is secure storage with a purpose! To your customers, our digital vault is an online safe deposit box where they can store sensitive documents with you. To you, we’re a multi-user workspace designed to securely collect, protect and exchange documents with consumers and businesses in any process. Secure email and FTP are customer service nightmares! Our digital vault makes getting documents to your organization easy and frictionless because consumers have plenty of other choices.

Text, talk or collaborate - Unblu provides a trusted conversational platform that lets you communicate with customers on their terms. Deliver meaningful financial advice via your existing digital channels. The Unblu Platform transforms the customer journey by giving advisors, sales and support teams digital communication tools that enhance their performance. The results: increased satisfaction, accelerated sales process and a more personalized experience for your customers.

Lanvera is a customer communication outsourcing provider specializing in the design, production, and delivery of personalized business-critical documents including statements, invoices, letters, notices, and tax forms. Our mobile responsive ePresentment platform integrates with Q2 using the SDK, allowing quick plugin of a SAML 2.0 SSO authentication and near real time API to User and Sub-User profile data.

Visit the digital catalog today to learn more or bring WithClutch, Virtual StrongBox, Unblu, or Lanvera to your institution!

SDK News Corner

Caliper Admin Script updates

The local development script, caliper_admin, has received some very helpful updates. If you are running local development, please update the caliper_admin script so that you can receive timely updates and the following new features:

The setup now properly installs librdkafka for message bus extensions
Added internal (Q2 employee) VPN override handling so that internally the SDK works the same as it does externally nomad_secrets and local_vault directories are now created on initial setup The caliper_admin script now works properly regardless of whether it is used with zsh or bash Added a check for updates to the caliper_admin script every 24 hours Updated the script to use a websocket to a dedicated server, causing much better uptime

Group Mover

For the longest time instead of just moving a Customer into a new group the SDK would just clone the customer into the new group and then delete them in the old group. Now the Group Mover actually moves the customer into a new group.

New Adapter Extension Type

The Innovation Studio Team has made another type for the Adapter Handler. The Adapter Handler can now intercept International Wires and change or replace how they function.

New DBObjects

Caliper SDK Training

The next Training is just around the corner on August 9th-11th. The event is three days and gives developers the ability to learn about the environment. The Caliper SDK team gives guided practice to learn industry best practices and practical knowledge about development on the industry-leading Caliper SDK. For more information on the course see the training agenda page.

Additional SDK Improvements

In addition to the bigger changes detailed above, this month's SDK releases also include the following additional improvements.

  • q2 check will no longer fail on valid SSO ParameterBitFlag combinations
  • q2 changelog will no longer write an invalid version string to the file
  • q2 db update_nav_node and q2 db create_nav_node now work with multiple nav menu theme contexts
  • q2 -h no longer displays entry points in reverse alphabetical order
  • ProductType DbObject now works with multitenant deployments

Portal News

Beta Testers Request for Wedge Address Configs

The Innovation Studio team has built a method for External Developers to edit Wedge Address Configs directly in the data center. Currently, we are limiting it to specific companies and specific services in the data center. To be added to the beta testing group, please open a support case on

Tecton News

Tecton 1.13.0 was released on June 14 and includes new badge and vertical stepper components. Review the updated documentation for more information.


q2-badge q2-badge can be used to present number notifications with incorporated components.

q2 -stepper-vertical

q2-stepper-vertical The q2-stepper-vertical component provides a way to navigate through a multi-step process which features a vertical navigation with support for nested steps.

Caliper API Releases

Caliper API 1.12.0 was released on June 14 and contains of the following key updates:

  • GetAccountHistory will provide transaction history for a specified account.
  • SendNotification was updated to target a specific device for push notifications using the DeviceNickName parameter.
  • Caliper API 1.12.1 released on July 19. More to come on this release in the next monthly newsletter.

Latest Releases

Caliper SDK (Python) 2.136.2 - CHANGELOG

Tecton SDK (Javascript) 1.13.1 - CHANGELOG

Marketplace (Python) 0.8.5 - CHANGELOG

Caliper API (Python) 1.12.0 - CHANGELOG