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February 2022 Newsletter

Partner Go-Live announcements!

New Partners

We are excited to announce three new Partners! ZSuite Technologies, Unifimoney, and Finotta all join the Q2 Catalog.

Finotta is the easiest way for financial institutions (FIs) to personalize their digital banking experience, increase their share of wallet, and delight their customers. Their platform is an all-in-one solution that includes a robust financial health score, personalized financial guidance, and automated product recommendations for every customer, regardless of what financial journey they might be on.

Unifimoney is a turnkey multi-asset digital wealth management platform with active and passive investing in shares and ETFs, over 37 cryptocurrencies and precious metals. Unifimoney enables FIs to provide access to innovative digital wealth management services to their customers via their existing digital channels. Unifimoney RIA is an SEC registered RIA providing digital advisory services. Selected for the ICBA 2022 ThinkTech Accelerator.

ZSuite’s ZEscrow is a responsive web app for digital commercial escrow and sub-accounting. It can be used by a variety of entities and organizations who need an escrow or sub-accounting solution that is convenient, compliant, and full-featured.

Caliper API News

API Release Changes

Starting in May, the Innovation Studio team will announce API updates to the staging environment by sending notification emails to the Newsletter distribution and to anyone who has opted in to receive Caliper API notifications. Enable email updates using the Q2 Developer email preferences page. The announcements will contain a list of the updates the team made in the latest API version and will allow Caliper API users to validate their extensions and customizations against this new release. After one month, we will move the release into production, and Caliper API users will receive a subsequent notification. During the one-month certification period, please raise a support ticket for any API issues. The first monthly release on the new schedule will drop on Tuesday May 17th, and API release notifications will go out on that day.

Portal News

Preferred Deployment Schedule

There is now a Preferred Deployment Schedule under the company settings. This is intended to be set once, and then it will be passed to Q2 with every ticket.

SDK News Corner

Widget Overhaul

The team just finished a new way to add widgets to the online banking page in the sandbox environment. There are two major reasons for this change. One is that there was an element of a “magic string” in the sense that the extension had to be named and installed a certain way for the widget to appear properly. Also, even when this was done the proper way, due to how it was implemented, the online banking environment detected multiple widgets. This resulted in failing requests and slow or unusual behavior at times because of how browser requests work. When this situation occurred, there was almost no way to determine what exactly was causing the issue and how to debug it.

The new method uses query parameters to define widgets as needed. To use the new method, just add the following request to the end of the URL:

?widget_location={location for the widget}&widget_name={name of the widget.entrypoint of the widget}

For more information, see Widgets in the Q2 SDK documentation.

Q1 Training

The team just finished another successful round of training! The training session had a total of 17 attendees. Of those who attended, there were 3 internal developers, and the remaining were Fintech developers, Custom Development partners, and FI employees. All developers were using different methods of development. Some were developing locally, others were using the Docker solution, and others logged into the Shared Development Server to do their development. Despite these differences and variations, everyone followed along and learned the SDK. For more information on the course see the training agenda page. To sign up your team for our next session, please visit the training page.

Jinja2 Version Change

Caliper SDK version 2.120.0 and later uses Jinja2 version 3.0.3. There is an issue with the previous version on install because of a backward incompatible change that Jinja2 is dependent upon. For future new installs, the version of the SDK needs to be 2.120.0 or later to prevent failures depending on what the extension is doing. Remember that a recommended troubleshooting step whenever a bug is encountered is to upgrade the SDK version to the most recent release.

Multitenant Vault Improvement

Vault now defaults the storage level to the Institution level unless a Stack is provided. This was a necessary improvement as it provided a default behavior for this case instead of doing nothing. This change does not break backwards compatibility, as nothing depended on the storage level. For more information, see the Vault documentation in the Q2 SDK documentation.

Local Dev Improvement

Using q2 install now properly updates the vendor_address on local development. This was primarily necessary for SSO extensions to work.

Also, Visual Studio Code extensions will be persisted now between docker dev machine updates.

Session Cache Fix

Fixed an issue with self.session_cache.get() so that it now properly grabs the correct key to find the proper value.

Address Type DbObject

The Caliper SDK now has an Address Type DbObject. This allows programmatic access to the Address Type Database Table. The Address Type Database Table is the storage of all the different types of Addresses in the Q2 Data Center, so the table just contains the ID and the name of the Address Type.

Tecton News

Show Modal HTML Markup

Show Modal now accepts HTML markup using the msgHasMarkup flag option. If this option is set to true, direct HTML can be rendered with the showModal function. This feature is available with UUX version and later. See showModal in the Tecton documentation for more information.

The q2-carousel component now has a more intuitive set of end-user controls. Specifically, if images include hyperlinks and are not in view when selected, they now properly become in full view. Also, when the carousel is focused, the home and end buttons now behave as expected. See Carousel in the Tecton documentation for more information.

New Team Openings

The Innovation Studio is hiring! If you know of anyone who may be good fit for these positions, please pass the information along.

The team is seeking an experienced Partner Success Manager to help create win-win relationships with Innovation Studio partners - maximizing growth and revenue generation through Q2’s banking marketplaces. The ideal candidate has strong experience in partner and/or account management, has exceptional communication and organization skills, is resourceful and tenacious. Specific experience in an open ecosystem / marketplace-style business model is preferred. Formal job description forthcoming. To learn more, email

Innovation Studio is also seeking an entry-level Python developer and a C# .NET Senior Software Engineer.

Go to for more information.

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