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January 2022 Newsletter

Partner Go-Live announcements!

New Partners

We are excited to announce six new Partners! Alacriti, Deluxe, Prizeout, Silverline, upSwot, and Zogo all join the Q2 Catalog.

Created by young adults for young adults, financial technology company Zogo is on a mission to promote financial wellbeing. Backed by scientific research, its award-winning app offers bite-size modules and tangible incentives to make financial literacy education accessible, fun, and rewarding. Zogo with over 150 financial institutions (FIs) to help them educate, engage, and empower the next generation of financial decision makers.

Alacriti is a leading fintech with a comprehensive unified money movement and payments platform, Orbipay. We’re dedicated to helping FIs accelerate their digital transformation. Built on a flexible, cloud-native ISO20022 framework, our array of real time payment solutions allow clients to rapidly deliver money movement experiences and payments innovation that today’s members demand. Orbipay seamlessly integrates loan payments with the Q2 Platform.

Silverline’s Authenticated Chat for Q2 Online Banking delivers an efficient and secure way for Salesforce and Q2 customers to leverage two key technologies to better serve their clients. Our solution allows Q2 clients to seamlessly enable Salesforce Chat functionality within Q2’s online banking experience. Silverline leverages insights acquired through thousands of engagements and real-world expertise gained across the Financial Services industry.

upSwot is a powerful add-on to digital banking and can be seamlessly embedded as a white-labeled solution, that enables business customers to connect their data for continuous, API-enabled access to QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Stripe, Shopify, and 167+ other business-critical SaaS applications.

The Prizeout marketplace provides your account holders the opportunity to turn their checking funds into value-added digital gift cards for their favorite brands. The best part? We don’t charge you anything, we actually pay you.

Deluxe HR and Payroll Solutions is a high-tech, people-focused online platform for small business. They automate tax payments, benefits administration, hiring, onboarding, time tracking and provide a comprehensive set of powerful HR tools.

Caliper Api News

Caliper API v2

Caliper API v2 has launched! This release brings two new features: application key management and improved documentation.

The new application key management feature allows FIs to provision a key to be used for specific purposes. This enhances security because FIs can provide keys to partners that only allow access to the specific calls needed and provides peace of mind that if the key is exposed, the access is limited and can be disabled. For more information about this new functionality, see the Caliper API reference.

The Caliper API documentation has also been enhanced from an end-user perspective, with additional information and example request content, among other things. The back-end process is also improved to provide more reliable uptime and generation directly from the source code to improve accuracy. Go to to see the new content!

Portal News

App Review Process for Partners

Marketplace, Accelerator, and Reseller Partners may have noticed a new App Review button on the My Apps page. This new process was put in place to add an additional review step for Partner apps to ensure compatibility and consistency when deploying to FI environments.

The process now provides Partners with all the information they need to know from start to go-live to help them get their apps through the process in a consistent and transparent way.

Dark Mode!

If you had dark mode enabled as your system default, you may have noticed that the Developer Portal now supports dark mode! Dark mode can be enabled or disabled for the Developer Portal independent of operating system preference or can be set to use your current OS default.

Dashboard Improvements

The Developer Portal dashboard has had the first update since adding community posts with the inclusion of SDK and Tecton release notes and the most recent Partner apps. These additions should help developers more easily see when new versions of the SDK and Tecton are released and help notify FI members more easily when new Partner apps are published.

Welcome Back Icon for Unauthenticated pages

The Developer Portal experience when logged in users navigate from unauthenticated pages to authenticated pages has been improved. Previously, navigating to an authenticated page from an unauthenticated page required users to log in again, even if they had previously logged into the Developer Portal. Now, all pages include a profile icon and logged in users can navigate between authenticated and unauthenticated areas of the site without having to log in again.

SDK News Corner

First Class React Support

A client side rendered (CSR) extension using React may be the most common way that CSR is used in production today. Previously, it was possible to use React, but the SDK now has a a command line helper that asks if the developer would like to use React. When selected, the helper generates a React extension and installs everything required to run the extension.

Client-side extensions nvm 14 Default

The SDK used to default to nvm 10 on client-side extensions that didn’t specify a version. However, nvm 10 has already gone out of long-term support, and version 12 will soon as well. Because of this, the Innovation Studio team bumped the default version for unspecified extensions to version 14. New client-side extensions will default to use nvm 16. The nvm version is specified in the .nvmrc file in the frontend directory.

Built-in Session Cache

To help standardize key generation and better manage session caching, the SDK now includes a self.session_cache command.

Gitlab Pipelines Speed improvements

Gitlab Pipelines have suffered from long deployment times and inconsistencies, making it hard to know if the system was working properly. The Innovation Studio team has made improvements to the pipelines, reducing the average total pipeline time by 8000x to about nine seconds on average! The team is working on converting all pipelines at this time. If you are still experiencing performance issues with the pipelines, create a support ticket and we’ll have a look.

Central Forms bug fix

One of our external developers, Michael Plohetski, joins the contributors list! Michael found and made a fix for a bug on a Central form where, if a form was installed with a different short name, it would return an error and install under the form name instead. Because the Caliper SDK code is available to end-users, Michael was able to create a merge request and fix the issue himself.

Q1 Caliper SDK Training

The Q1 Training is just around the corner on February 8th-10th. The event is three days and gives developers the ability to learn the environment. The Caliper SDK team gives guided practice to learn industry best practices and practical knowledge about development on the industry-leading Caliper SDK. For more information on the course see the training agenda page. For information about how to sign up your team for our next session, please visit the training page.

Tecton News

New Icons!

New Icons

The Tecton team has added a host of new icons in the q2-icon tag. For more information, see the documentation for q2-icon in the Tecton documentation.

More Accessibility Improvements

The q2-message component can now be prompted to present its content to assistive technology and screen-readers on demand, even if the content hasn't changed. This can be helpful for informing a user of errors on a page or form that is preventing them from moving forward in a process. We've also made some accessibility improvements to the q2-section component, making it easier for users to know whether it is toggled open or closed. For more information, see the documentation for q2-section in the Tecton documentation.

New Team Member

John Lumby joins the Innovation Studio team after spending 7 years in the Austin Tech market. John joins us as a solutions specialist. He will be working with our FIs to continue to pass along the message of what Innovation Studio is and how FIs can leverage Innovation Studio for their own success. Outside of work, John enjoys visiting towns and exploring the terrain. He loves hiking, swimming, cooking, and travelling.

New Team Opening

The Innovation Studio is hiring! As you’ve seen from our previous newsletter, our team continues to grow and is looking for a C# .NET Senior Software Engineer. Go to for more information.

Latest Releases

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