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April 2022 Newsletter

Partner Go-Live announcements!

Marketplace We are excited to announce two new Q2 Accelerator Partners, Payrailz and Monit!

Payrailz' Pay A Person (P2P) enables frictionless open loop P2P digital payment experiences between consumers. It provides the freedom to conveniently send and receive money electronically with friends, family, or any individual with an account at a financial institution in the United States – simply by providing their email address or mobile phone number. Payments can be one-time or set up as recurring to be delivered in real-time, same day, next day, or on a future date.

Monit will accelerate your small to medium business (SMB) strategy by providing business owners with a suite of award-winning tools for cashflow forecasting, industry benchmarking, and collections. By connecting to the accounting packages of business clients, FIs benefit from Monit's access to the full financial picture of their customers as well as Monit’s targeting engine to match businesses with the right offers for financial products and services at the right time. Passwords, Insurance, Taxes, Legal, Emergency Instructions and the Family Archive.

Visit the digital catalog today to learn more or bring Payrailz or Monit to your institution!

Innovation All Stars Contest

To shine a light on your great work, Q2 is launching our first-ever Innovation All Stars Contest, open to all partners and customers. Submit any applications you’ve created for our platform—there’s no net new code required, and no limit to the number of entries you may submit.

Gitlab self-hosted transition

Gitlab has moved to a per-user licensing model for their hosted SaaS solution. To keep the costs of using our SDK unchanged, Q2 will move to an on-premises GitLab solution over the coming weeks. As we roll this out, we will notify our SDK development community of any updates or configuration changes required. We will automate as much of the process as possible, but it is likely developers will need to make a few modifications to their development environment. Please be on the lookout for these notifications which will be sent via direct email to SDK developers and through other channels like

Introducing the NEW Marketplace – Digital Banking Widget

Marketplace has received a product upgrade that includes a digital banking widget. The Marketplace Widget lives on the right-hand rail of the digital banking environment and is designed to bring awareness to Marketplace to the end-users. The widget is a carousel and the logic is designed to promote the partner apps to the end-user based on the user group and which apps they have not yet purchased. The call-to-action will direct the end-user to the Marketplace page or appropriate app page for the banner the end-user clicked. The widget has been deployed to a test group of FIs and the upgrade will be rolled out to all FIs on Marketplace over the next 3-6 months.

SDK News Corner

q2 uninstall fix

For a few versions of the SDK, there was an issue where q2 uninstall did not uninstall when the form was added to navigation for certain forms and instead returned an error. This issue was caused by q2 uninstall trying to remove UserPropertyData, which did not exist for forms not added to navigation. This issue has been fixed in forward.

Multitenant Helper

For developers working on extensions that are designed to be multitenant, the team has launched a MULTITENANT flag in the configuration/ file. This flag is used by the SDK to simulate in the development environment exactly how the code will work in the data center. The main difference is how HQ credentials work and are passed along. In multitenant environments, the HQ credentials come from vault. The development environment simulates this with a new q2 vault add_hq_creds_multi command to add the HQ credentials to vault. For more information about the MULTITENANT flag, see the Server Settings section in the Caliper SDK documentation.

Multiple extensions with one Front end

One of our external developers came to us with a problem they had with code maintainability. They had three extensions that needed to run the same front-end application. The only solution they had available to them previously was to copy the code into each extension. The team agreed that this was not a good long-term solution. As a result, we’ve added a FRONTEND_OVERRIDE_EXTENSION value that allows developers to serve the front-end assets from another extension. For more information, see Sharing assets between extensions in the Caliper SDK documentation.

Additional SDK Improvements

In addition to the bigger changes detailed above, this month's SDK releases also include the following additional improvements.

  • Updated to clean up the nvm output if .nvmrc is missing
  • Added Python File upload documentation
  • Updated the architecture image
  • AuthToken now has a .delete method
  • LinkedAccount now has an .add_by_primary_cif method
  • AccessCode's q2 db add_access_code_targets now serializes at the CLI correctly
  • ThirdPartyData now allows 4000 character dataValues in the create and update methods
  • NavNode's now accepts route_parameters in both create and update methods
  • WedgeAddress now handles 256 character URLs in update method
  • Fixed an issue where SSO extensions did not respect _overrides.customer_key when stored in the vendor configs

Portal News

Whitelist ticket type

When a partner or customer needs to whitelist a URL the process has historically been cumbersome due to undefined requirements resulting in additional discussions needed. The team has spent an extensive amount of time optimizing and learning the exact requirements needed for any whitelist request and is excited to announce a new Whitelist Request ticket type. The new form standardizes the request and provides both the Q2 network team and the Q2 security team with the information they need to properly validate and whitelist URLs. Whitelist Ticket

Tecton News


q2-pagination The q2-pagination component is a simple list guide. This is to be used in conjunction with a list component of your choice, including custom-built server-side lists. Whether it be a list of accounts, transactions, travel locations, or more, this component provides an interface for end-users that is consistent with the rest of online banking.


q2-pagination The q2-card component works like any other card component. Card components are ideal for content blocks and widgets; they are also very well suited for content summaries that link to more full pages of that content. Example use cases would be advertisement widgets, account summaries that link to a full account view, and so on.

Additional Tecton Improvement

In addition to the bigger changes detailed above, this month's Tecton releases also include the following additional improvements.

  • Added Transaction Support for promptForMFA
  • Added a new openUniversalLink function
  • Added a readonly attribute to all form elements

New Team Member

Kenneth Frazier joins the Innovation Studio team from Continental Insurance Group where he was an expert in the automation of support claims processing. Ken joins us with the goal of re-entering the financial industry and being a part of the cutting-edge Innovation Studio technology. Ken will be a developer for so he will be present as an expert in the support tickets. Outside of work, Ken enjoys spending time with his family whether that be sports, home projects, or taking a drive in the country with his 2006 Mustang.

New Team Opening

The team is seeking an experienced Partner Success Manager to help create win-win relationships with Innovation Studio partners - maximizing growth and revenue generation through Q2’s banking marketplaces. The ideal candidate has strong experience in partner and/or account management, has exceptional communication and organization skills, is resourceful and tenacious. Specific experience in an open ecosystem / marketplace-style business model is preferred. Learn More

The Innovation Studio is also looking for a Staff Software Engineer. The project this individual will be working on uses cutting-edge Q2 software that interfaces with external services and partners. The ideal candidate has a strong development background and is used to leading other developers to success. To learn more, see the job posting.

Latest Releases

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