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November 2021 Newsletter

Partner Go-Live announcements!

Q2 Catalog

We are excited to announce two new partners in Ladder and MX!

MX is one of our new Q2 Accelerator Partners. MX leverages financial data and AI technology to provide personalized financial insights that guide consumers towards financial wellness. MXinsights and MXwellness seamlessly integrate with the Q2 digital banking experience and provide automated financial advice in a social-media style feed as well as a personalized health score.

Visit their page to learn more or bring MX to your institution.

Ladder is a Q2 Marketplace partner that provides life insurance. Ladder helps FIs empower customers and members to protect their loved ones with a 5-minute online application for term life insurance coverage from $100k to $8M, with no medical exams for up to $3M in coverage.

Visit the digital catalog today to bring Ladder to your institution.

Marketplace News

End-User Marketing

The marketplace has a dedicated resource committed to end-user Marketing. Mikel Weigel’s role as End-User Adoption Specialist for Marketplace is ultimately to be a marketing consultant for the FIs that launch Marketplace and the apps that follow. She does this by working with each partner app as they onboard to obtain from them all the necessary marketing assets FIs would use to promote the partners to their end-users to encourage adoption and engagement. As each FI launches Marketplace and partners, she will guide the FIs on the recommended marketing channels that are effective at garnering adoption. She can continue to measure success and end-user engagement through various reporting capabilities and provide those to the FI. Another area Mikel coordinates is FI enablement. She does this by working with the partners to provide meaningful training documents or videos available to the FIs to make sure their front-line staff is educated and can answer top-level questions and know where to find more information for each partner in the Marketplace.

Portal News

Log Puller

Log Puller

The log puller has not surprisingly been one of the most popular features on the Portal. To access this feature, the company level must be entitled with the service by the SDK team. This must be requested through a support ticket.

SDK News Corner

2021 Q4 Caliper SDK Training

The 2021 Q4 Caliper SDK training was the largest training to date. A total of 19 trainees represent every element of the Innovation Studio. Q2 folk, Custom Development employees, Fintech Partners, and of course the majority being developers for FIs. The unified SDK allowed the training to have a consistent message, and every attendee learned the SDK. For more information on the course see the training agenda page and how to sign up your team for our next session, please visit the training page.

Enhanced SSO docs

There is now documentation for doing a more proper SSO. By proper SSO, the environment is directly integrated and linked into online banking without a customer being required to have another account with the external service. This has always been possible, there is now official documentation on a guided way to do it here.

Central Extensions now work with update_installed

Developers now can run the command q2 update_installed to update parts of their central extension. This can be used to change various extension install configurations.

DBO upgrades

Vendor Config – The VendorConfig DBObject can now have the “description” column updated.

User and Customer – The User and Customer DBObjects now have update methods.

Tecton News

Icons and loaders with q2-button

The q2-button has received a couple new features. The Icon is simple, now when an icon is inside a button it properly displays inside the button as it is supposed to with proper support for all the other attributes such as disabled. The Loader is just a simple loading attribute on the button. The location of the loader can be controlled by moving an icon around inside the button as shown in the documentation here:

Check out the q2-button documentation

Visibility toggle for passwords

The q2-input field now has a visibility toggle. This is controlled by the show-visibility-toggle attribute when the input type is password.

New Team Members!

The Innovation Studio team has two new team members for our Partner success team. These two will be working external tickets for the most part helping with deployments and answering questions.

Gene Radebaugh - joins the Innovation Studio team from the Q2 Support organization where he was an Application Support Engineer. He is excited to expand his horizons and work closely with the development team. Outside of work, he is a part of some app creation communities where he has primarily done data migration and management. Gene enjoys assembling and painting miniatures for tabletop wargaming. He also enjoy doing outdoor activities such as hiking, skating, or surfing!

Tiffany Westerholt - joins Q2 from Fiserv where she was an Application Support Analyst Sr. Tiffany is excited to learn the ropes of the team and also learn about Application Development. Outside of work, she volunteers as both technical and leadership roles in all sorts of local organizations. Tiffany enjoys reading books whenever she isn’t working or volunteering.

Latest Releases

Caliper SDK (Python) 2.111.1 - CHANGELOG

Tecton SDK (Javascript) 1.9.3 - CHANGELOG

Marketplace (Python) 0.7.4 - CHANGELOG