Trey Teter

Software Engineer

June 2024 Newsletter

SDK News Corner

Python 3.12 Support

We are excited to announce that the SDK now supports Python 3.12, beginning with SDK v2.224.0. This upgrade brings enhanced performance, improved security, and the following features:

Python 3.12

Furthermore, we have eliminated the dependency on the saml package by directly embedding it into our SDK. This adjustment was made in response to Python 3.12 deprecating a module utilized by the saml package, ensuring that developers can continue to leverage its functionality without concerns of potential errors raised by this update.

For more information on Python 3.12, please visit the python documentation.

New HQ endpoints

The GetAccountHistoryByIdWindowed WedgeOnlineBanking endpoint is now available, along with the following Q2API endpoints:

More information on the HQ endpoints can be found in the HQ API Documentation

Tracing in the SDK

We have recently added new documentation, providing more information on tracing in the SDK. Additionally, q2_requests timeout errors can now be traced in Opentelemetry, providing us with more information to help you troubleshoot any timeout failures encountered. For more information on tracing, please visit the Observability and Telemetry guide

Open Telemetry

Other highlights of the month include:

Q2 sandbox CLI Updates

CLI support has been added for push notifications through the q2 sandbox push_notification entrypoint, allowing you to Enable or Disable push notification access for a given stack in sandbox environments.

Vault Updates

The Vault connection timeout has now increased from 1 to 3 seconds, providing more flexibility when establishing connections, ensuring smoother interactions with our service.

Portal News

Community Built section

Financial Institutions now have the ability to explore what other financial institutions have built using the SDK. This is a great way for you to get ideas on how you can further extend the Q2 platform. You will be able to learn how other customers are extending the platform today by reading about their project and viewing screenshots with detailed descriptions. Most importantly, this is an opportunity for you to discover what business challenges other customers are solving with Q2 so you can take this back internally to solve as well. Our hope is that you use the Community Built as a way to engage with other Q2 customers by sharing your own projects and reading about others!

Desktop and Mobile Screenshots for Catalog Apps

Catalog Apps now have the ability to separate the mobile and desktop screenshots. The carousel component has been greatly improved. Once clicking on the component the popup expanded view can be easily transition to the next image with either the arrow keys or arrow buttons. There is also strict image recommendations to ensure a cohesive app experience. If you are an app owner please update the screenshots to this new standard.

Tecton News

Tecton has released versions 1.40 and 1.41 which introduce a new component, new outlet support, and a number of other improvements and fixes.

Some notable improvements from the latest releases include:

  • New q2-relative-time component that displays the amount of time between now and a given date in a chosen format.
  • New application level Tecton outlet functionality to run non-visible extensions app-wide with UUX support starting in version
  • New q2-input format-modifier to restrict numeric input to positive values.
  • Updates to Tecton's Popover API improving performance and usability of q2-calendar, q2-dropdown, and other elements implementing popovers.

Caliper API News

The highlights of the month include improvements to the API documentation, bug fixes for the Get Groups endpoint, and changes made to the Open Banking MakeACHPayment endpoint to accomodate a new payload.

  • We have resolved a caching bug on the Get Groups endpoint, ensuring more current and accurate results.
  • Detailed field descriptions have been added to the Open Banking endpoints documentation
  • The Open Banking MakeACHPayment endpoint is now MakeACHPayments, with changes made to reflect a new payload structure.

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