Trey Teter

Software Engineer

May 2024 Newsletter

SDK News Corner

Q2 is thrilled to announce this month's enhancements. Major highlights include the newly added Real-Time Payments Adapter, along with iOS Rich push notification documentation and tutorials to guide developers on testing.

Real Time Payments Adapter

Real Time Payments Adapter

Introducing the beta version of the SDK Real-Time Payments Adapter! With this new addition to the SDK, developers can integrate instant payment capabilities into online banking, empowering end users with the ability to transfer funds instantaneously, making transactions smoother and faster than ever before. Access our tutorial to get started on your integration.

Testing iOS Rich Push Notification

Rich Push Notification testing

A new tutorial for iOS developers is now available, offering guidance on how to test iOS Rich Push Notifications. More information can be found here.

Other highlights of the month include:

Q2 Tecton CLI Updates

  • Improvements have been made on q2 tecton command prompts see the documentation for more details
  • added Application Outlet support to q2 tecton under the Outlet Configurations option

DB Object Updates

  • Branch DBObject has now been made available, along with its corresponding CLI command q2 db get_branch
  • Navigation type can now be specified for the NavNode DbObject using the NavigationType enum.
class NavigationType(IntEnum):
    StandardMenu = 1
    MobileThumbBar = 2
    NavLandingPage = 3
  • Backwards incompatible changes have been made to Form.get and Vendor.get which will no longer search all groups through all associated property_ids by default

Q2 Cores

Corelation Core now provides the ability to pull demographic information by CIF or Account Number in addition to searches by SSN. Please view our chart for more information. Notice, 6 new cores have been added recently:

  • FIS Horizon AllLink
  • FIS IBS Open API
  • Fiserv Communicator Advantage
  • Fiserv Communicator Open Premier
  • Fiserv Communicator Signature
  • Jack Henry Core Director

Portal News

Application Template

There is now an ability for Marketplace, Accelerator, and Reseller Apps on to have Application Templates for Q2 API's. This is expected to most commonly be used for applications that need to interface with Caliper API. This will close the need for FIs, Partners, and/or Q2 doing Caliper API application setup for every installation.

For a partner to create their Application Template for their app they can simply navigate to their App Configuration in the My Apps section and click on the Application Template navigation node. Navigating to creating an Application Template This template is exactly like creating an Application through the normal Application Creation workflow.

This Application Template would then be used when the app is requested to create Caliper API OAuth Applications scoped to the FI's environment for the Partner's services to use.

The FI, Partner, and Q2 will be able to see the application in the app order in a card, similar to the following: OAuth Application The 3 dot hamburger menu is where the FI has the ability to revoke OAuth Applications. The OAuth Application drop down is where the FI, Partner, and Q2 have the ability to manage their pieces to the OAuth application. The FI has the ability to manage the level of access the Partner has as well as approving new scopes. The Partner has the ability to manage the usage token agreement with Q2 and rotate the secret keys.

Log improvements

The Portal log puller now has received some stability improvements as well as the ability to pull only certain levels of logs and limit to only a specific hq session via two new filter inputs. This allows a developer to pull all the logs at Error or Summary view, find the specific log line where the issue is, then grab the session id from the log line to do another log pull to get all the logs for that particular request.

Log puller Improvements

Other notable improvements:

Turn the Catalog Feature Type filter live

On the my apps page, there is now the ability to filter by what SDK features it uses. This can be useful to be able to easily view all composable dashboard apps.

Dashboard banner for app not approved

When your company has an app that has not yet been approved a banner shows at the top of your screen that states to complete your integration review before signing deals with financial institutions.

Include company_admin role as a badge on organization members

At a glance you can now see which users in your organization is the company admin.

Tecton News

In Tecton 1.39.0, Q2 introduced a few updates to q2-section and q2-data-table, and continued to expand on our goal of making Tecton components accessible for everyone.

A couple of notable improvements:

  • Added more CSS customization options to modify the text and borders of a q2-section.
  • In q2-data-table, setting the selectable attribute to false will now deselect any currently selected rows on top of disabling the selection functionality for the table.
  • Developers can now configure individual rows in q2-data-table to be disabled to prevent selection even when selectable is true.
  • The select-all checkbox in the q2-data-table header now visually represents when none, some, or all rows are selected in the table.
  • Implemented our first iteration of using axe-core in the Tecton elements test suite to verify WCAG compliance of our components.

Caliper API News

This month, several enhancements have been added, with a focus on improving existing endpoints and expanding functionality through the addition of new endpoints and fields.

Get Products

Get Products endpoint added to retrieve product and product type information.

Group Mover Updates

  • Group Mover endpoint response payload now includes an omitted key as part of each migration bucket as an indicator of whether the customers were omitted from the migration.
  • OmitPending field added to omit customer ids from the migration process if they have pending transactions that may violate limits of the target group.

Policy Data Endpoint Updates

Update Policy Data endpoint 500 errors in relation to the changes made to the underlying HQ API endpoint have now been addressed.

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