Trey Teter

Software Engineer

April 2024 Newsletter

HQ highlights

Hq Common Calls One of the most asked questions we have gotten in SDK training is "What are the best HQ calls to use?" We have historically written specific guides for each use case. We now have included the most common calls that are hitting HQ by volume here.

SDK News Corner

Custom SQL docs update

Custom SQL should be used only when necessary. If your team is considering using custom SQL in an upcoming SDK extension please create a ticket on explaining your use case and why custom SQL is necessary as early on as possible. If it is a feature that is missing, it is better practice to have a built in DBObject in the SDK instead. In some cases, writing your own custom SQL is best in that case please see the documentation here.

Cache decorator

Adds a new @cache decorator in q2_sdk.core.cache to handle caching a function level. To see how this works see the documentation here. To see more about decorators or to create your own see python documentation here.

Code Review

As a part of every deploy of an SDK service, a code review is done on everything new that is going into production. At times we will also look at what is existing in production. Note, a piece of code that has been approved before is not necessarily guaranteed to get approved in the future. We are always evolving our security and performance requirements based on vulnerabilities or issues we have seen in the industry or our datacenter. To see the current guidelines view the documentation here.

New Adapters

Statement Image Adapter

This new adapter allows replacement Q2s statement image functionality while keeping Q2's frontend. View how to build one here.

Authentication Token Adapter

This new adapter allows replacement of the Secure Access Code workflow backend while using Q2's frontend. View how to build one here.

Portal News

Company admin invite member

Company Admin add user

A heavily requested feature is now added. A simple option to add new users to the developer Portal, in the past the solution was just to have new people sign up and the developer portal would automatically match off the email. Now this can be used for easy onboarding.

Application Creation Wizard

New Creation Wizard

Q2 has launched a new Application Creation workflow. The amount of functionality with the applications for Caliper API and other Q2 APIs. Having a more structured workflow to make creating and using applications a lot more straight forward as it will guide you through each step.

Improve option to Escalate a New Ticket

New option to escalate tickets

To standardize Q2's ticketing system, we have moved the option of escalation of tickets from on creation to after creation. This is best practice in the industry and was highly requested.

Tecton News

Over the past couple months, Tecton has resolved numerous bugs, while also introducing a host of exciting new features. These updates include the theming improvements and the implementation of test methods to our form-field components, simplifying your testing process. You can find detailed information here to learn more about leveraging these enhancements. We're also working on providing guidance for using them in other test runners in the near future.

Other updates include:

  • Adding the ability to provide a query selector to getPlatformDimensions.
  • Accessibility improvements to our chart and message components.
  • Adding top and bottom slots in q2-select.
  • Introducing app clips/mini app support to openUniversalLinkOrAppLink capability. We've also improved error handling in user config capabilities and added a verification process for updating option list results. Stay tuned for more updates!

Caliper API News

The Caliper API team has been actively engaging in enhancing documentation with significant efforts made to add response field descriptions to all API endpoints, new tutorials covering policy data endpoints, custom endpoint guides providing a walk-through of how to build a custom SDK extension and make it callable from the API, and migration guides from V1 to V2 complete with video walk-throughs. If you are still on V1, make sure to get started on the migration to V2; V1 will be sunsetted on July 1st, 2024. In addition to documentation enhancements, the team has been resolving bugs, optimizing endpoints to provide a smoother user experience, and introducing numerous endpoints and fields. Looking ahead, expect exciting new features such as rich push notifications, further migration efforts from the API to the SDK, and sentinel integration for fraudulent transaction detection in upcoming releases!

Notable updates over the last month include:

  • Optimizations made to Search User and Send Notification endpoints
  • Numerous open banking endpoints added to lookup accounts, get account history, retrieve account summaries
  • Code migrations from Caliper API to SDK for the ACH GetRecipients endpoint, making the API logic accessible through the SDK
  • New CancelGeneratedTransactions endpoint can be used to cancel drafted and authorized transactions
  • NewUserStatus field added to UpdateUserInfo endpoint, providing the ability to mark the user as Enabled, Disabled or Inactive
  • The LookupUser endpoint now can return user address and phone information via the IncludePhone and IncludeAddress fields

Latest Releases

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Tecton SDK (Javascript) v1.38.2 - CHANGELOG

Marketplace (Python) v0.8.8 - CHANGELOG

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