Greg Varnell

Vice President Of Product and Development

In this Thanksgiving season, I feel compelled to express my profound gratitude to the remarkable team I collaborate with daily, our valued customers, and our esteemed partners. When we started the SDK journey seven years ago, I was very hopeful and optimistic about the opportunity to empower our customers. However, my initial optimism pales in comparison to the extraordinary experiences we've shared. The dedication and feedback from you—my co-workers, clients, and partners—have been a source of daily inspiration and motivation, pushing us to excel. While every step has not been perfect, the path is true, and the journey has been worthwhile and rewarding.

As you gather with loved ones this Thanksgiving, reflecting on life's plentiful blessings, please know that my heartfelt appreciation includes you. The trust, camaraderie, and alliance you've shown are treasures I hold dear and for which I am eternally thankful.