Mark Ostroth

Q2 Connect 2023 Recap

We are pleased to report that Q2 Connect 2023 was a great success for Q2 Innovation Studio, our partners, and our Customers:

  • 19 partner kiosks demonstrating their integrations
  • 28 live demos by fintech partners
  • Special presentations by Innovation Studio leaders Johnny Ola, Jody McCrary, Greg Varnell, and Ryan Hollister
  • Plus a special keynote on all the benefits of Q2 Innovation Studio by EVP of Emerging Businesses Jonathan Price
  • Our Certified Partners Tailwind, Trabian, and Nueve Solutions were there to meet and greet customers, and Andrew Tull at Tailwind gave a great presentation on the integrations that can be done with Innovation Studio

The presentation by Ryan Hollister was especially exciting, as Ryan unveiled the details of the new Mobile SDK which will enable previously unavailable mobile features and technology, such as the new Autobooks "tap to pay" functionality (see below).

Paula Milsted from Chesapeake Bank, Jason Hutchinson from Consumers Credit Union and Ellie Delagarza from Generations Federal Credit Union joined Greg Varnell on a panel to discuss how each of their institutions were using the Innovation Studio.

Jody McCrary and Mikel Weigel dicsused how our customers can make their SMB relationships stickier by using tools available from the Innovation Studio team.

Finally, Johnny Ola hosted a panel of industry experts including our customers, fintech leaders and advisors to help Q2 customers develop their fintech strategies and deliver results.

To see recordings and slides from Q2 Connect, click here.

Join us at CU Build 2023 in Dallas!

We're excited to be participating once again at CU Build in Dallas, a "build-a-thon" engaging the Symitar community and focused on developing new solutions for credit unions to serve local communities. Q2 is a sponsor at the event and will be providing SDK Sandbox environments for the teams, and we are excited to see what the teams produce over the course of this 3-day event. We will also be giving an award to the team that makes the best use of Q2 technologies. There is still time to register for this fun and impactful event.

Partner Spotlight

Screenshots of Partner App catalog pages

Spiral Impact-as-a-Service

Spiral is the pioneer of the Impact-as-a-Service™ platform that helps banks, credit unions, and financial institutions grow deposits and amplify their impact on their communities.

Avid Traveling

With Avid Traveling, you can harness the emotional power of travel to attract new customers, members or employees while engaging existing ones. We remove the markups that other suppliers put on travel to provide your members with exclusive access to the best prices, best places and the best planning services.

Deluxe Merchant Services from Fitech

Fitech by Deluxe is the leading payments technology provider in the nation and is committed to serving the unique needs of financial institutions. We believe that immeasurable value exists in our purpose to position each partner as the trusted provider for all financial services needed by their local business owners and communities.

Derivative Path FX Payments

Create stronger customer relationships and engagement by allowing your customers to make real-time FX International Payments with a transparent wire delivery process. Derivative Path FX Payments is a tech-light, integrated solution that transforms a perceived cost-center into a revenue generator.

Wave2 Locator

The Wave2 Locator presents ALL of your branches, ATMs, ITMs, surcharge-free ATM networks, and shared branches in a compelling interactive solution right inside your Q2 Digital Banking, websites, mobile apps, and more! Easily deliver an outstanding user experience in all digital channels that is mobile responsive and ADA Accessible.

Join the SDK Sub-Committee of the Q2 Users Group

We are seeking new members of the Q2 SDK Sub-Committee. The committee is a good opportunity to connect with other financial institutions that leverage the SDK and see some of the new things they are doing. Also, SDK team members are present in each meeting and are there to field concerns and questions as well as discuss roadmaps and future work. The committee meets every other month. If you are interested, apply using the electronic application.

New Major Releases: Mobile SDK and Custom Endpoints

Q2 Mobile SDK: As noted above, we announced the release of Mobile SDK at Q2 Connect 2023, and we are proud to announce that Marketplace partner Autobooks has released Tap-to-Pay functionality and it is currently live on NBKC's iOS mobile app. Click here for documentation on how to begin developing your own mobile app integration with Mobile SDK.

Caliper API Custom Endpoints: If you need to develop an API to be called from outside of the mobile banking context, you now have support for this through Caliper API, with a new extension type in the SDK. This way you can take advantage of the Caliper API authentication and focus on your API functionality. Previously this was done with Ardent extensions but now you don't need to worry about building out your own authentication.

Meet the interns!

Nick McElroy is beginning his second summer as an intern with the SDK Development team. He is a rising senior attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a major in computer science. After having a great experience with the team last year Nick is excited to get back into development around the SDK. In his free time Nick enjoys playing soccer, golfing, and exploring the outdoors.

Alexis Garza joined the SDK Developer Support team as an intern for this summer. Alexis is a rising senior in the MIS program at UT Austin. Her previous work experience includes seasonal roles in Colorado, a session in the Senate at the Texas State Capitol and being a camp counselor for three years. She is looking forward to learning about and working in the digital banking industry and is excited to be a part of the Innovation Studio team. In her free time Alexis enjoys spending time outdoors, gardening, and traveling.

Developer Portal Updates

  • Videos can now be added to Catalog Apps in the Carousel
  • Added the ability to add terms and conditions for Accelerator products
  • New Catalog storefront with Featured Apps and styling

Tecton Updates

  • Added customization options for Tab Badges. See Tab Container docs for examples and a code snippet, and see the Tab Pane docs for configuration options including badgeStatus and badgeTheme.
  • The Tecton team is working hard to improve accessibility ("a11y") in the Tecton framework all the time. Most recently we have enhanced the q2-tooltip component and made it focusable, so that keyboard users can tab to a tooltip and see/hear the text pop up. You will want to take advantage of this feature with components that are not normally focusable, such as q2-badge, q2-icon, and wrapping plain text in a tooltip.

Caliper SDK News

May-June 2023 Updates (2.180.0 - 2.186.0)

  • Local Dev - Caliper Admin

    • Now offers to update the repo's SDK version on clone
    • Will now detect and update your git configuration if missing
    • Will no longer say memcached started successfully if it didn't
  • New Caliper API Custom Endpoint extension type

  • New Backoffice extension type with both ServerSide and ClientSide variants (Q2 Console integration)

  • DbObjects

    • New CaliperApiCustomEndpoints DbObject, with supporting CLI commands get_caliper_api_custom_endpoints and get_caliper_api_custom_endpoint
    • EnrolledEntity: New get_user_email method
    • UserPropertyData: New get_by_property_id method
    • HostAccountData
      • New get_host_account_data method
      • New update method
    • PolicyData
      • New to_dict method
      • New set method
    • User
      • New get_account_related_users method
      • New get_many method
      • CLI command search_users added
    • UserLogon: New get_list_of_associated_logons method
    • UserData
      • New get_by_create_date_range method
      • New get_by_short_name_paginated method
    • Customer: New search method
    • New EStatement DbObject, with supporting CLI command get_e_statement
    • CurrencyExchangeRate: New create method
  • General Improvements

    • q2 inspect now shows current HQ version
    • Now on Python 3.11 base

Caliper API Updates

Latest Releases

Caliper SDK (Python) 2.179.0 - CHANGELOG

Tecton SDK (Javascript) 1.27.1 - CHANGELOG

Marketplace (Python) 0.8.8 - CHANGELOG

Caliper API (Python) 1.22.0 - CHANGELOG