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May 2023 Newsletter

Q2 CONNECT 2023 is coming May 15-18!

For the first time in three years, Q2 CONNECT is back in person, at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin, TX! What's more, Innovation Studio will have a major presence at the conference, including a staffed booth in “The Hub”, two Q2 staffed kiosks, and 19 partner kiosks. Innovation Studio will also be the subject of four distinct sessions:

  • Wednesday 10:55am: Innovation Made Easy: Can it Be? – Hosted by VP, Product & Development Greg Varnell
  • Wednesday 11:55am: How to Develop Your Fintech Strategy and Deliver High Impact Results – Hosted by Managing Director Johnny Ola
  • Wednesday 2:10pm: Making Your SMB Relationships Stickier – Hosted by Director, GTM Strategy & Programs Jody McCrary and Senior End User Adaption Specialist Mikel Weigel
  • Thursday 10:00am: The Keys to the (Mobile) Kingdom – Hosted by VP, Engineering Ryan Holister

Our Certified Third Party Development Partner, Tailwind will have a thought leadership session at 1:00pm on Tuesday: "Taking Your Customers and Members to the Next Level."

Finally, there will be Fintech Demo Sessions throughout the week from many of our Innovation Studio partners.

Innovation Studio Class at CONNECT

For all of our Q2 Customers, join us at CONNECT 23 to learn how to leverage our SDK and Innovation Studio partners to deliver new innovation for your customers/members. We'll review the various types of integrations you can create and how we have built an environment that isolates applications from platform upgrades. We'll also discuss the various Innovation Studio programs and how to make good decisions on which program works for you.

To register, click here and select "Q2 Developer Certification: Class 1 - Innovation Studio - Why all the excitement?"

SDK Training May 9 to May 11

Q1 training will be held virtually and on-site May 9 to May 11. This three-day event gives developers a comprehensive overview of the Q2 platform and how to apply the Caliper SDK to build your solution with industry best practices. Our team provides guidance and practical knowledge as you work towards achieving your goals with Q2. For more information on the course, see the training agenda page.

Click here for a full schedule of training this year.

Attention: Innovation Studio Partners

Update your Catalog Page

The Partner Catalog will be a major focus at the conference and in our marketing efforts, so we are asking that you "help us help you" by updating your entry in the catalog. Here are some suggestions to enhance your catalog page:

  • Ensure your branding and screenshots match the experience users can expect when the app is installed
  • Record and upload a demo video, showing how your app integrates with Q2 Digital Banking
  • Explain why your app is different and valuable, tailoring your message towards financial institutions who will be making the decision to add your product.

Fill out Customer Success Story slides

Partner Success manager Jason Villarreal hosted a meeting with Innovation Studio partners on March 27. Watch the recording here. In addition to updating the Partner Catalog, Jason asked partners to fill out Customer Success Story slides, which will be used for sales efforts and to raise awareness ahead of Q2 Connect.

This is an opportunity to get your app in front of more than 300 participating financial institutions at Connect. Download the slides here. Then just submit a Marketing ticket on

Composable Dashboard Webinar - April 12th

Last week, Q2 hosted a webinar for partners, demonstrating the new Composable Dashboard feature in digital banking, which we believe will be a great opportunity for partners to drive engagement and tighter integration with Financial Institutions. Watch the recording here.

Partner Spotlight

Autobooks and FamZoo screenshots

New Autobooks Widget

Great news! By popular demand, Q2 now offers an embedded invoicing and payments widget for SMB account holders through Autobooks. This widget is available to any Q2 platform customer at no additional cost, enabling our platform customers to enhance the digital banking experience for their vital business account holders.

New Partner App: FamZoo

FamZoo provides a convenient, educational, and safe parent-moderated payment solution for kids of all ages. Automate allowance delivery, chore payments, parent-paid compound interest, spend/save/give splitting, goal tracking, money requests, reimbursements, parental loan repayment, and more.

Developer Portal News

Be notified about new apps coming up and ready to go live. Go to Notification Settings and turn on the "App Coming Soon" and "App Published" settings.

We have published a new Resource Center to assist Financial Institutions with their marketing efforts, with specific advice and creative assets for promoting Marketplace and Partner applications to your members and customers.

New Company Admin functionality, to allow designated users at a company to manage access to the Developer Portal for the rest of their company. Click here for the Company Settings page, where an admin can enable/disable portal access, as well as enable/disable access to Self-Service Tools. Note that the buttons will be grayed out until you gain the new Admin role. To request this role, open a support ticket.

Development databases no longer have the "dev_sa" credentials but instead are provisioned to each user with dynamically generated credentials. You can see this on the Dashboard at the right if you have Sandbox access.

Tecton Updates

Tecton 1.22 - 1.25 Release Notes

  • Published the q2-design-system package for making using just the Q2 Design System easy and light-weight
  • Published the q2-tecton-framework-wrappers which exposes framework component wrappers for React and Vue
  • Added Area Chart and Bar Chart components
  • Enabled "clear" option to q2-calendar for clearing a selected value
  • Added a new capability called platformCssPropertiesChanged
  • Added support for placeholder text on q2-select
  • Added "hoist to action sheet" functionality on q2-select, q2-tag, and q2-pill components

Caliper SDK News

February - April 2023 Updates (2.167.2 - 2.179.0)

  • Local Dev
    • Multiple simultaneous requests now handled through the local dev proxy
  • CLI
    • New DB commands
      • q2 db enable_symantec_tokens_for_user
      • q2 db disable_symantec_tokens_for_user
      • q2 db update_user_property_data_element
      • q2 db get_user_data_all
      • q2 db get_customer_data_all
      • q2 db get_active_users_since
  • DbObjects
    • New PasswordPolicy object with get function
    • New CurrencyExchangeRate object for use with international wires
    • GeneratedTransactions
      • New get_by_create_date_range function
      • New get_loan_transactions_by_date_range function
      • New get_transactions_by_date_range_with_gt_data function
    • Customer
      • Can now set charge_account on .update
      • New get_many function
      • New move_many_to_group function
    • Transactions now has a .get_ach_details
    • EnrolledEntity allows skipping customer check on enrollment as a flag
    • UserLogon .get_logons_without_login_since method now takes an optional status_filter to further limit the return
    • UserLogon adds group_id to the generate_password method
    • UserPropertyDataElement adds update method for changing descriptions
    • UserData and CustomerData now have .get_multi which returns all associated data for the given user or customer
    • Group Move functionality will now check policies on the source and destination groups to ensure compatibility before moving
  • Bug Fixes
    • q2 bounce_stack no longer enforces OUTBOUND_WHITELIST
    • q2 update_installed now properly works with dictionaries in WEDGE_ADDRESS_CONFIGS
    • q2_requests no longer stack traces on empty responses when Opentelemtry is enabled
    • Fixes bug with EnrolledEntity that was not respecting the "skip_customer_check" flag
    • Vault client will now provide a logger even if one was not passed in
  • General Improvements
    • Now on Python 3.11 base
    • New Log Replay functionality will ensure full logs are available in the event of an error
    • New Domestic Wire Handler Adapter extension type
    • q2 check now checks for print statements
    • Improved password log masking
    • User and Customer creation now allows non-USA countries
    • SSO extensions will now respect FRIENDLY_NAME variable during installation
    • Adapter type extensions work with the local dev socket
    • Updates react code to eliminate deprecation warnings
    • Local dev socket validates the logged in user's database list. q2 setup_db is no longer runnable on other partners' databases

New team member: Andy Yeager

Andy re-joins Q2 and the Innovation Studio after a just year away working in the healthcare space. Andy is actually one of the most tenured Q2ers on the team, having 9 years of experience at the company previously, in professional services, solutions architecting, and important product development work. He now lends his talent to the Marketplace team. In his free time Andy enjoys almost anything to do with the outdoors, but most recently, finding remote camping spots in his Jeep has been his favorite.

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