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January 2023 Newsletter

2022 Year in Review

Looking back on the last year, we are proud to say that 2022 was a groundbreaking year for Innovation Studio. Our partners launched 38 new apps, including 12 new Marketplace apps. The Marketplace now has more than 20 different apps that institutions can offer to their users, through a newly redesigned experience (see below).

Some of the more notable apps launched in 2022 include:

  • NYDIG, which allows users to securely buy and sell Bitcoin using funds from their established bank accounts, with direct integration into your online banking environment for ease of trading and a home page view into holdings.
  • Neural Payments and Payrailz, two unique P2P solutions that allow users to easily send money to people anywhere in the country. These solutions were especially helpful filling the gap when Acculynk went end-of-life.
  • Alacriti and their Orbipay payment platform, which provides financial institutions with a full service loan payment and billing experience for their members, including guest users who need loan service, but are not yet full account holders.

NYDIG Neural Payments Payrailz Alacriti

Our Support team grew from four members at the end of 2021, to seven members today, and over the course of 2022 they performed 1586 deployments, 393 of which were production deployments.

In all, Innovation Studio added 11 new team members last year.

We hosted four trainings in 2022, and trained 113 developers in the Q2 SDK and Innovation Studio platform.

We are also happy to say that the move to was a success. Here are some statistics of the peak usage we have seen on a monthly basis:

  • 950 Merge Requests in one month
  • 157 users with a commit in one month
  • 1819 Auto Deployments in one month
  • 1.6 million net lines of code changed in one month

Our developer portal,, is also becoming an essential tool for Q2 partner developers. It has 3,648 registered users with 1,335 logging in since November.

Rocket Mortgage Go-Live

Rocket Mortgage logo

Rocket Mortgage and Q2 Innovation Studio have partnered to offer financial institutions a seamless mortgage lending experience for their customers. Features include a mortgage calculator, up-to-date mortgage rates, status updates for applicants, and servicing integrated into the mobile banking app.

Click here to learn more about Rocket's offering and to be one of the first institutions to offer Rocket to your customers.

Marketplace news

Our Marketplace team has been hard at work on enhancing the experience for all users, and recently released a newly redesigned interface. This will be rolled out to existing Marketplace customers over the next few weeks, and all new Marketplace customers will receive this new design:

New Marketplace screenshot

New Tecton Release and New Documentation Site!

The latest release of Tecton includes a total revamp of the Tecton Documentation site, complete with searchable topics and enhanced examples. Click here to see the new site! Updates include:

  • Added a new batch of icons, including filled variants of success, warning, and error icons.
  • We also updated the filetype icons to make them more legible.
  • A number of improvements to q2-section were made, including properly hiding the content from keyboard interactions in the closed state, and addressing a few bugs regarding default states of the collapsible option.

Note that if you are finding the new documentation challenging to use in any way, you can find the last version documentation in the old format here, and also please send a quick email to with your comments.

More Documentation Updates

Detailed and accurate documentation is a vital part of the service we offer. In December, the team focused on documentation updates and improvements. As part of this effort, we closed over 30 documentation cases. Some of the updated topics are listed below.

New SDK documentation:

Q2 Fundamentals and Definitions

Getting Account Information in SSOs

Creating a Marketplace product - Getting Started

Custom Stored Procedure Guidelines

Email Notifications

Enhanced input validation documentation

Database concepts - Transactions

Cache endpoint and deleting cache keys

How to work with Q2's new Composable Dashboard

Hydra Product Types and Codes

International Wire Request model

Marketplace Off System Transactions

Mocking Network Calls

Mocking Wedge Address Configs

override_summary_log and default_summary_log properties

Generating HAR logs

Storing User Related SSO Data

Unauthenticated Extensions

Rate Limiter

Multi-Tenant Extensions

New Tecton documentation:

Testing & Mocking

getFeatureConfig and its dependency on configuredSystemVariables

q2-calendar element - how to clear the date

2023 SDK Training

Q1 training will be held virtually and on-site February 7-9. Come visit us here in beautiful Austin, TX! Whether on Zoom or in person, we'll be looking forward to your participation.

This three-day event gives developers a comprehensive overview of the Q2 platform and how to apply the Caliper SDK to build your solution with industry best practices. Our team provides guidance and practical knowledge as you work towards achieving your goals with Q2. For more information on the course, see the training agenda page.

See here for a full schedule of training this year.

Blog Post: Why you should think twice before writing custom SQL

In this blog post, Q2 veteran and SDK senior developer Paden Rose explains how and why to avoid writing custom SQL in your SDK application. Click here to read it.

Portal update: Multiple language support

You can now specify a list of languages that you support on a Marketplace or Accelerator app. This will be displayed to customers on the marketing page for your app.

Caliper SDK News

December 2022 - January 2023 Release Notes (2.158.0 - 2.167.1)

  • Local Dev (caliper_admin)
    • CaliperAdmin script
      • Adds Sync Windows Certs menu item for working with a corporate vpn
      • Adds Verify Connectivity menu item to more quickly diagnose networking problems
    • General bugfixes
      • Local dev socket no longer blocks traffic running behind an http proxy
  • CLI
    • New command q2 delete_extension removes an extension from the file system (opposite of create_extension)
    • New DB commands
      • q2 db get_marketing_page_name
      • q2 db add_marketing_page_name
      • q2 db change_user_logon_name
    • Upgrades and Bugfixes
      • q2 run will validate and correct any errors with unauthenticated tecton extensions. For more details see the new documentation about this feature.
      • q2 uninstall will show locally present extensions first
      • q2 update_installed now correctly retains list item types in Config updates
  • DbObjects
    • New
      • EnrolledEntity for ease of use enrollment!
        • .create_customer
        • .create_user
        • .create_user_logon
        • .enroll_sso_identifier
        • .check_disclaimers
        • .build_user_demo_object
        • .link_accounts_via_cif
      • WireInternational
      • WireDomestic
      • PasswordHistory
      • MarketingPageName
    • Upgrades
      • AccountAddress adds get_history
      • NavNode returns CssClass for Central Nav Nodes
      • UserPropertyDataElement .get_user_property_data_elements_by_category
      • UserPropertyDataElement .get_by_category_name
      • UserLogon .get_logons_without_login_since
      • UserLogon .change_user_logonname
      • Group .get_by_id
  • General Improvements and Bugfixes
    • Moves from pylint to ruff for faster linting (
    • self.hq_credentials should be automatically populated during multitenant flows if the underlying HQ is new enough
    • Tecton CSR extensions will generate a parcel static file copier for handling assets not directly referenced in the html structure
    • Improve stack trace logging to include the Caliper SDK version
    • Q2 check will ensure no memory leaks due to mutable default parameters (Will run during CI pipelines)
    • UiText cache will be invalidated after deploy
    • Rate limiter can be added to individual functions with the q2_sdk.core.rate_limiter.rate_limit decorator
    • Account objects now have a .hydra_product_name property
    • Ardent File Upload edge cases fixed for local dev
    • PhoneNumber .delete_phone_number edge case fixed
  • Housekeeping
    • With Python 3.6 end-of-life, SDK Versions <1.67 (released 2018-10-29) have been deprecated and will not be downloadable from Q2 devpi servers. Existing services will continue to run.

New team members

Ginny Seaman joins the Innovation Studio from the adtech industry with 15 years of support, project management and integrations experience. While she is new to Q2, she is excited to learn new skills and leverage her knowledge and experience to expand and strengthen support for the Innovation Studio and our developers. Ginny enjoys her cats and plants, traveling and learning guitar, painting and reading.

Ruchish "Ru" Shah joins the Innovation Studio from Sensibill SDK team in Toronto to focus on releasing Q2 Native Caliper SDK for iOS platform and building documentation around it so that integrators can create Mobile Application modules using Q2 Native Caliper SDK. He was with Sensibill for over three years and has worked on Sensibill SDK. Ruchish hopes to learn as much as possible from existing Mobile application team to build and maintain Q2 Native SDK while continuing to enrich and strengthen the experience of working in the Innovation Studio team. Ruchish spends his remaining time with his 4 year old daughter on various sports, especially swimming, where he was state level champion back home in India.

Brandon Hogan joins the Innovation Studio's Caliper SDK team from the newly acquired Sensibill team. He will be working on the native SDK. He has over 9 years of mobile engineering experience, with a focus on the android platform. Brandon hopes to contribute and help grow the team, while also gaining experience himself in other disciplines found within the Innovation Studio. Outside of work, Brandon is a weekend novice woodworker, an avid gym rat, and lifelong nerd in the world of fantasy and sci-fi.

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