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May 2022 Newsletter

Partner Go-Live announcements!

Marketplace We are excited to announce four new Q2 Accelerator Partners, Incent, ChangEd, Insurify, and Prisma Campaigns!

Prisma Campaigns is a next generation marketing automation platform that takes full advantage of your data and your digital channels to boost loyalty and share of wallet. Use your data to serve your customers highly personalized offers that match their needs whether they are logged in their online banking, via email or text.

Insurify is an insurance comparison platform, helping consumers find the best & most affordable auto & home insurance options in minutes. An Insurify partnership enables you the ability to offer insurance as a product & help your consumers achieve significant premium savings. We have a variety of options for how we partner & provide FI consumers the best insurance shopping experience.

Build a larger & stronger loan portfolio, along with long-term client relationships, by offering ChangEd as your debt repayment hub. Our proven approach to debt management delivers desirable client relationships and unique insights into your borrowers’ financial journeys. We help borrowers achieve financial credibility while delivering attractive, long-term relationships to our FI partners. Let us accelerate your growth by building your credit quality, client engagement, and account retention.

Incent is a youth financial education tool that enables youth to begin using your FI’s core services and encouraging engagement. Young members can: Spend money with integrated debit card controls, earn cash for grades, make money by completing chores, borrow money from their parents, request money from their parents, learn about budgeting, and compete to earn trophies! Provide a competitive product to Greenlight and GoHenry which are stealing away your members and deposits!

Visit the digital catalog today to learn more or bring Incent, ChangEd, Insurify, or Prisma Campaigns to your institution!

Q2 Announces the 2022 Innovation All-Stars Contest Winners

Innovation All-stars Contest We've announced the winners of our first-ever Q2 Innovation All-Stars Contest. The contest recognizes Q2 bank and credit union customers and fintech partners who have achieved extraordinary outcomes through the Q2 digital banking platform, delivering new revenue streams, and providing innovative apps to transform account holder experience for consumers and businesses that expect much more from their financial institutions.

Click here to read about the winners!

Introducing the NEW Marketplace – Digital Banking Widget

Marketplace has received a product upgrade that includes a digital banking widget. The Marketplace Widget lives on the right-hand rail of the digital banking environment and is designed to bring awareness of the Marketplace to end-users. The widget is a carousel, and the logic is designed to promote partner apps to the end-user based on the user group and which apps they have not yet purchased. The call-to-action will direct the end-user to the Marketplace page or appropriate app page for the banner the end-user clicked. The widget has been deployed to a test group of FIs and the upgrade will be rolled out to all FIs on Marketplace over the next three to six months.

Caliper API Releases

Back in February, the Innovation Studio team switched to scheduled Production releases on the Caliper API to be one month after the Staging release. The last release was on May 17th, and the next release will be June 15th (at time of writing).  Sign up to be notified of Caliper API updates on

SDK News Corner

New Adapter Handler Type

The Innovation Studio team is happy to announce a brand-new extension type, the Adapter Handler. This handler allows the SDK to intercept calls from the Business Logic Layer to the Core and change what they do. The team added a few preliminary Adapter types:

  • Authentication Token - allows override of the Authentication Token Validation. This adapter type takes an auth token type secret and up to two codes and the built adapter will override that functionality everywhere in the platform
  • FxRate - allows override of the fx rate. This adapter type takes a currency code and an amount in that currency, and the built adapter will override that functionality everywhere in the platform.

Python 3.10 Support

Moving forward Python 3.10 will be required for all new versions of the Caliper SDK. This will not affect any previous version of the SDK. As always, dependencies are controlled by the requirements.txt file.

For more information about Python 3.10, see What Does 3.10 Get Me?

Local Development Improvements

The caliper_admin script has received some updates that are nice quality of life improvements.

  • Added a Start Memcache option. This will set up a local Memcache server for you.
  • Added an Install Frontend Dependency option.
  • Added a Rebuild Virtual Environment command. If you have changes in your virtual environment that were not picked up or you changed Python versions, then you need to rebuild your virtual environment using this option.

DBObject Improvement

With a nice import system, there is a new way to create DBObject calls. The self.db property can now be used to call all DBObjects. For performance reasons all the DBObjects are not loaded into the repo at runtime unless they are needed, so a fancy import method was used to import these on demand. If you are curious to see how this works check out the code:

There are also three new DBObjects:

  • HostTransactionHistory - provides programmatic access to the sdk_GetHostTransactionHistory table
  • AdapterAddress - interfaces with the sdk_AddAdapterAddress table
  • AdapterInterface  - connects to the sdk_UpdateAdapterInterface table

HQ Response performance improvement

The team had an interesting interaction where a client’s Q2central extension was failing in Production with large datasets. The extension was trying to pull in a large amount of data and kept running out of memory and performing poorly. The root cause was HQResponse.json taking too many resources. The SDK team improved the method and fixed the issue for the client. The result of this fix is a  30x performance improvement with larger improvements being found with larger datasets. See the improved method code here.

Caliper SDK Training

The next Training is just around the corner on August 9th-11th. The event is three days and gives developers the ability to learn about the environment. The Caliper SDK team gives guided practice to learn industry best practices and practical knowledge about development on the industry-leading Caliper SDK. For more information on the course see the training agenda page.

Portal News

Beta Testers Request for Wedge Address Configs

The Innovation Studio team has built a method for External Developers to edit Wedge Address Configs directly in the data center. Currently, we are limiting it to specific companies and specific services in the data center. To be added to the beta testing group, please open a support case on

Dashboard Redesign

The Innovation Studio team has built a brand-new dashboard. The previous dashboard had some flexing problems, and when it was time to add new widgets to the dashboard for a better dashboard experience, the design choice limited the ability to do this. The new dashboard uses a simple two-column setup and flexes down properly to one column on smaller screens.

Quality of life improvements

The Innovation Studio team has built a few quality-of-life improvements on the portal:

  • The Financial Technology Page now shows the Latest Apps.
  • Any portal user can now regenerate a Personal Access Token Secret instead of having to delete and recreate it.
  • Support ticket comments are now formatted the same way they appear on the Developer Portal.

Tecton News

Tecton Release process

The Tecton project is now going to follow a similar release process to the Caliper API project. The Tecton team will be releasing on a monthly schedule. The previous release was on May 16th and the next release will be on June 14th (at time of writing).


q2-pill The q2-pill component works like any other dropdown select component. The benefit of the pill component is it gives the nice ability to have many dropdowns right next to each other and to allow different dropdowns to have different appearances.


q2-tag The q2-tag component works like any other dropdown action component. Like the pill, this can be used with multiple dropdowns side-by-side nicely. The tag dropdown is intended to have button-like functionality and is used as such.

Additional Tecton Improvement

In addition to the bigger changes detailed above, this month's Tecton releases also include the following additional improvements.

  • Fixed an issue where multiple spinners could load when going between extensions
  • Added option to openUrl to specify not closing overpanels as a result of opening a URL in a new window
  • Updated "gray" theme variable names to use the correct naming syntax

New Team Opening

The Innovation Studio is also looking for three Staff Software Engineers. The projects these individuals will be working on use cutting-edge Q2 software that interfaces with external services and partners.

  • For a Python-based SDK development experience see the job posting.
  • For a Python-based more free-form development experience see the job posting.
  • For a Javascript development experience see the job posting.

Latest Releases

Caliper SDK (Python) 2.134.1 - CHANGELOG

Tecton SDK (Javascript) 1.12.0 - CHANGELOG

Marketplace (Python) 0.8.5 - CHANGELOG