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December 2021 Newsletter

Partner Go-Live announcements!

Veem We are excited to announce another Q2 Marketplace Partner, Veem! Veem is an all-in-one solution for global bill pay and invoicing for small and medium sized businesses. Offer your clients a seamless experience with integrated payments and pay no subscription fees. Provide transparency and control with the end-to-end payables process by tracking incoming and outgoing payments.

Visit the digital catalog today to bring Veem to your institution!

Portal News

Preferred Deployment Schedule

There is now a Preferred Deployment Schedule under the company settings. This is intended to be set once, and then it will be passed to Q2 with every ticket.

SDK News Corner

Q1 Training

The Q1 Training is just around the corner on February 8th-10th. The event is three days and gives developers the ability to learn the environment. The Caliper SDK team gives guided practice to learn industry best practices and practical knowledge about development on the industry leading Caliper SDK. For more information on the course see the training agenda page and how to sign up your team for our next session, please visit the training page.

Local Development with the Caliper SDK

For the past few months, it has been theoretically possible for any developer internal or external to do local development with the Caliper SDK. However, there is now proper tooling and supported documentation on how to setup Local development in the setup docs. With minimal setup, it is now possible to use the full power of a home computer without the need to use Docker or remote into shared dev. The other options are still available, but never has it been easier to get started building projects using the Q2SDK.

The SDK team is very excited about making this possible for our developers so drop a general support ticket or a community post letting the team know it is being used.

Staging bug fixed

In the staging environments there was a bug that caused the environments to log INFO level instead of DEBUG level whenever self.cache was invoked. This issue has now been fixed.

AuthToken DBObject improvements

The auth token DBObject is complete with full CLI commands: q2 db get_auth_token, create_auth_token, and remove_auth_token. This DBObject also has full code access as well see the documentation here.

Documentation Improvements

Q2 load balancing cookies – This is actually a very important feature. To have a proper stable application for production it is best to have multiple servers running and handling the load. However, storing and accessing data between servers can be a complex task. This feature makes things easy to create and store files through Ardent. The file is stored on one of the two servers(Q2 runs two servers for the SDK extension) and then the key and server is needed to find that specific file making getting and setting the file trivial. See the full documentation in the Ardent Tutorial here.

Database interaction – The Q2 database is a very secure in Staging and Production, but in development, developers have free reign to run any SQL statement they please. For security and speed purposes there is only Database Objects and Stored Procedures allowed to touch the Q2 Database. There is full updated documentation going into detail how all this works here.

Tecton News

UUX User Requirements document

It may seem a little unusual to have a User version chart. Why not support all versions or as many as possible some might ask? Of course, the main reason is security. If the client is using Q2 on an older browser or application there is the possibility that there could be a client side or transmission level vulnerability. Thus, Q2 has options for very strict or loose implementations. See the full list of supported versions here.

New Team Members!

The Innovation Studio team has two new senior engineering managers.

James DeWeese – joins the Innovation Studio team after spending over 20 years in software development and management. Historically some of his favorite times was spent at Dell doing what he called “wild west programming”. Living on the razor edge of innovation and building things that has never been built before. He joins the Innovation Studio because he sees Innovation Studio as his favorite time without the downside. The idea of living in innovation while still having a successful base foundation and using modern coding procedures and best practices. James hopes to bring his experience and knowledge to Q2 and improve our organizational structure and software approach. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 5 kids going camping and enjoying his family.

Ty Fellers - joins Q2 from Fiserv where he was Director of Engineering for 6 years. Ty led a team of 150 developers and QA on a number of projects and he comes to Q2 to lead innovation studio towards success and adoption as he sees this as a new and exciting challenge. Outside of work, Ty enjoys spending time with his family and doing things around his house.

New Team Roles

The Innovation Studio continues to improve and with our recent hires some positions have changed.

The Innovation Studio welcomes Jody McCrary to her new role on the team. She will be responsible for leading the Go-to-Market strategies and program for Innovation Studio, including oversight of the solutions specialists and end-user adoption teams. Jody and her team are responsible for helping drive adoption of our partner solutions - both into the Q2 customer base, and the end user account holders (where applicable).

Latest Releases

Caliper SDK (Python) 2.114.1 - CHANGELOG

Tecton SDK (Javascript) 1.9.3 - CHANGELOG

Marketplace (Python) 0.8.0 - CHANGELOG