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October 2021 Newsletter

Partner Go-Live announcements!

Q2 and Nydig partnership

We are excited to announce another new Q2 Reseller, NYDIG! NYDIG is a leading Bitcoin company. This integration into online bank environment provides a way for End Users to buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin.

If you want more information on how to add NYDIG to the Q2 platform, please contact

Developer Portal News

Log Puller

Log Puller

One of the most requested features on the Portal is here! All Portal users can go on and pull logs from their environments after we set them up. This works very similarly to the internal log puller and the log puller in central.

At a high level, the request goes through the Portal, has a secure connection to Caliper API which calls the underlying log pulling service (the same one that Central and our internal log puller goes to) and then routes back to the end user the exact same way.

To access this feature, the company level must be entitled with the service by the SDK team. This must be requested through a support ticket.

Marketing request ticket

There is a new Marketing request ticket type as well as some incremental updates on the page including url updates based on ticket type and on desktop use columns to save on screen space.

Submit a Marketing Request

SDK News Corner

Multi-Tenant SSO handler

Multi-Tenant SSO handlers are now possible. This is primarily useful for our Partners as once a Multi-Tenant SSO handler is setup, this makes future deploys much faster.

Recurring transaction database object

The Caliper SDK now has a recurring transaction database object. This contains everything about a recurring transaction including how often it happens, and when it has executed. See full documentation of the db object here.

q2_requests update

q2_requests have always had the ability to attach OAuth tokens, however, this needed to be done manually. Now, there is a 1st class helper object to make the process cleaner and easier.

q2 update_installed update

SSO extensions now get clearer output when using q2 update installed specifically referring to VendorConfigs.

Tecton News

Typeable Datepicker

For some end users, typing dates is preferred just because it is faster and easier. Most prefer the popup calendar and selecting the proper date. With this latest update, q2-calendar supports both.

Check out the Tecton DatePicker component

Stencil 2.8 upgrade

Tecton now uses Stencil 2.8 behind the scenes. This is important because now all the Tecton elements behind the scenes are faster and use smaller payload size.

Accessibility improvements

Text to speech is a very challenging thing to get right. Especially because it is so easy to forget because most users do not use text to speech. To make this easier on all SDK developers, Tecton has taken on the challenging task of filling out all the aria-labels and give proper text to speech hints. A recent update has fixed and added support for web components.

New Team Member!

Gabriel Ohlson - joins Q2 after working as a software engineer, architect, and engineering manager making back-office restaurant management software. Hearing about Q2 from his friends, he decided he wanted to give it a shot. Gabriel has a vast history of so many different software projects he has worked on, and he joins the team to help automate and streamline the Marketplace. Outside of work, Gabriel loves to spend time in the outdoors with his family and do martial arts.

Latest Releases

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