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Software Engineer

September 2021 Newsletter

Partner Go-Live announcements!


We are excited to announce another new Q2 Marketplace Partner, PayRecs!

PayRecs is an international B2B payment/treasury platform. This integration into an online banking environment provides a clean and smooth use for end users. PayRecs also has automated alerts and authorization to reduce fraud and costs.

Visit the digital catalog today to learn more or bring PayRecs to your institution!

Developer Portal News

Notification Tab

Notification Tab

One of the most requested features on the Portal is here! The notifications tab currently only controls notifications on ticket updates for any ticket in your company. For increased functionality, the portal developers added the functionality to subscribe or unsubscribe to individual tickets.

Marketplace Catalog Searching

The Marketplace Catalog now has full searching and filtering options.

Check out the Catalog

File Upload improvements

The security layer for file upload has been changed to accept more files. This is another feature that has been highly requested by our external customers and internal support. This is a basic computer science problem of staying secure while also providing enough power to our external users. Thank you to everyone that provided us with example files that were not working. This helped us narrow down what exactly is causing the issue and opening it up in the exact ways that were necessary.

SDK News Corner


With the SecAlertUserPref dbobject, it is now possible to do security alerts via db objects. This feature has been released and has received many updates since its launch this month. A highly requested feature and is already in use by many extensions.

Check out the DbObject

Customer Move group object

The SDK now has fully supported moving groups with the Customer dbobject. Of course, this also adds a delete option and full CLI support for both these new features. When moving the customer from one group to another. Behind the scenes, the customer is cloned with the proper information and correct new group, and the old one is marked as deleted. This is proper form as it keeps a log of all the changes on the db, however, the customer ID will change, so this is returned by the function. See full documentation of the db object here.

Multitenant Ardent extensions wedge address configs

Multitenant Ardent extensions now have access to Q2api calls. This also adds full support for wedge address configurations in multitenant Ardent extensions.

Mobile deep linking documentation

Deep linking users to specific locations in online banking can be very useful with user instructions on how to do specific tasks like transferring money. This has always been possible with both the browser online banking and the mobile app, however, there was no documentation for the mobile app. The full documentation was built and is listed here.

Docker Dev MemCache on PyCharm

A bug was reported and fixed where MemCache was not loading properly with the combination of Docker Developer with PyCharm IDE was not allowing MemCache to work properly. This has been fixed in forward. If you find issues drop us a ticket here.

Tecton News

New q2-textarea element

There is now a textarea Tecton element. This element carries all the same helpers of errors, hints, disabled, etc. In addition to that, the textarea has sizing customizations and a length helper.

Check out the Tecton Textarea component

Permissions Configuration

The platform can now check user permissions to determine whether to load the iFrame. This improves the loading experience for users and makes the experience more robust and performant. This feature can be used for all customers using UUX version and greater.

Tab Container Scrolling

Tab scrolling now properly behaves following the format of scrolling to that component when it loads with a value. The focused tab will be scrolled to now when any of the following conditions are met. The tab component initially loads with a value. The value is updated programmatically. The user uses tab and arrows to navigate the tabs. Also, if the tab is already in view then there will not be any scrolling.

Tab Container Scrolling Documentation

Latest Releases

Caliper SDK (Python) 2.104.0 - CHANGELOG

Tecton SDK (Javascript) 1.8.2 - CHANGELOG

Marketplace (Python) 0.6.0 - CHANGELOG