Trey Teter

Software Engineer

August 2021 Newsletter

Partner Go-Live announcements!


We are excited to announce another new Q2 Partner, Givio!

Givio makes charitable giving and fundraising simple, secure, and impactful. This integration gives account holders the ability to donate to over 1.6 million 503c3 nonprofits as well as the custom nonprofits on behalf of the financial institution. This all happens directly in the online bank environment.

Visit the digital catalog today to learn more or bring Givio to your institution!

Coming soon apps live on Marketplace

Comming soon Catalog

The partner catalog continues to grow in functionality and availability. 17 partners are now live on the digital catalog under the “coming soon” status. These are partners that are committed to be coming to the marketplace. If any of the partners look valuable, please join the waitlist. When the app goes live you can be the among the first to have the app installed.

Check Out the Catalog

SDK News Corner

update_installed_form has changed to update_installed

On occasion the Command Line Interface commands change. This specific CLI command has changed because it now has extensive functionality improvements. Most notably update_installed now works with SSO extensions.

Mobile App Ardent.fs improvements

The mobile app can now render Ardent.fs files directly inline instead of linking out to another application. This is completed via passing render_in_browser to the get_public_download_url method. There is also a CLI helper command for this functionality.

Docker Dev Improvements

Docker Dev has gotten a couple of useful commands to make developing a little easier. A start_memcache command was added to enable memcache in the docker dev solution. For developers that are in a company proxy, there is now a command called add_cert for an easy way to properly dev inside a company proxy.

CSR Documentation Improvements

The Innovation Studio is constantly working to make sure our documentation stays up to date by following best practices such as the code itself generating the code, and by staying close to the users and using our own documentation. One of the areas that is not updated with the code is the tutorials because the tutorials are designed to do a specific task. The CSR tutorial has been updated to use the current best practices of the industry and our product. Found a documentation bug? Drop us a support ticket and let us know!

Caliper SDK training

This month we had an incredibly successful training. This is the first Caliper SDK training that we had all four different kinds of developers attend our SDK training. We had Q2 internal personal, Financial Institution developers, Custom Development employees, and Q2 Partner developers. This resulted in a wide range of skill levels and use cases, but one common theme. Everyone needed to learn how to work in the SDK, and the Q2 Innovation Studio teaches that very well. For more information on the course see the training agenda page and how to sign up your team for our next session, please visit the training page.

Tecton News

Additional Tecton configuration options

By Default, Tecton has limitations on both Additional Domains and Allow Directives. For more complex workflows from this default behavior. Developers may want to add Additional Domains to be accessed or have access to more Allow Directives for more complex functionality these can now be defined in the config. Allow Directives specifically can be used to access some very powerful features from the device beyond the default of camera and geolocation. For example, getting access to the microphone directly may be a useful feature.

Tecton Configuration Options

Session Caching

Tecton also now has a cache. This cache is stored in the platform application’s session cache. Thus, if it is the same user, this information will be available to access between page loads.

Caching Documentation

Developer Portal News

Caliper API on status page

The status page is quickly becoming the home for all service tracking for our external developer’s services. We have recently included a new set of services for the status page and that is the Caliper API. The Portal now shows the status for both staging/dev and Production. If something isn’t working locally, check the status to see if the service is having a known issue before writing us a ticket. If there is an issue reported on this page, we are already working on the issue.

See the Status page

External Issue ID

A very small feature that was highly requested by our external developers was to have an External Issue ID field that was searchable in our ticket system. On ticket creation, there is an option External Issue ID field that if used will add that functionality. If left blank will operate the same as before. For all future feature requests drop us a support ticket.

New Team Member!

Kris VanHouten - rejoins Q2 after working on a project that originally sounded exciting to him. He rejoins the team to pick up some work on the Tecton project and continue moving that project forward. His favorite software projects are all frontend client-side projects. Moving into the Tecton project; he will be right at home. He looks forward to leading developers and teaching them value in the frontend development. Outside of work, Kris enjoys gardening and building dioramas.

Latest Releases

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Tecton SDK (Javascript) 1.7.2 - CHANGELOG

Marketplace (Python) 0.6.0 - CHANGELOG