A Big Payment Solution for Small Business Needs

Melio makes it simple for small businesses to manage their bill payments and streamline their workflow - all on one dashboard. It’s fast, secure and easy.
Set up your business clients for success, introduce them to Melio the fastest growing B2B bill pay solution in the US. Melio allows SMB’s to pay, track and manage their AP on one easy to use dashboard for free. With Melio your clients can pay vendors and business bills the way that fits their business best: check, ACH, debit or credit card - even if their vendor doesn’t accept them. Using a credit card will allow your clients to optimize cash flow.

Features & Benefits

Payment approval workflows

Invite users or your accountant and easily set up their roles and permissions. Control approval of each transaction and stay on top of your cash flow.

Seamless sync with QuickBooks

Log in to your Intuit account to connect QuickBooks for 2-way sync between your bill pay and your accounting.

Pay multiple bills at once

Save time on scheduling each bill individually, select multiple bills and pay them all at once.

Split a bill into many payments

Hang onto your cash flow by splitting bills into multiple payments and payment methods.

Make payments across borders

International payments lets you pay vendors in the UK, Canada and Europe for goods and services.

Zero integration

Your vendor/business customer doesn’t need to sign up in order to pay or receive payments.

Made for small businesses

Top payment software capabilities with the simplicity of consumer payment apps like Venmo.

Pay & get paid by credit card

Use Melio to pay business bills with a credit card (2.9% fee) to defer payments, increase cash flow, and earn card rewards. You can also accept credit card payments (2.9% fee for them, free for you) from other businesses

Get rid of checks altogether

No more writing & sending checks - because when you pay bills with Melio, we handle check delivery for you, for free. No more chasing checks - because when you get paid with Melio, funds are deposited directly into your bank account