IDnotify® by Experian®

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Empower and protect your consumers and clients by providing powerful credit education and identity protection with IDnotify® by Experian®, the world’s largest credit bureau.

IDnotify® by Experian®

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Experian unlocks the power of data to create opportunities for consumers, businesses and society. At life’s big moments – from buying a home or car, to sending a child to college, to growing a business exponentially by connecting it with new customers – Experian empowers consumers and clients to manage their data with confidence so they can maximize every opportunity.

Features & Benefits

Sex Offender Monitoring

Searches over 1 million records to alert you if sex offenders live in your area and if an offender attempts to register using your identity.

VantageScore® Updates

View your VantageScore® from Experian® in an easy-to-read, daily graph.

VantageScore® Simulator

Shows you how certain credit behaviors could potentially impact your credit health and your credit score.

Experian® Credit Monitoring

Monitors your Experian® credit report and notifies you of critical changes.

3-Bureau Credit Monitoring

Monitors your Experian®, TransUnion®, and Equifax® credit reports and notifies you of critical changes.

Real-Time Authorization Alerts

Notifies you if a new credit application, identity authorization, or identity validation is made using your personal information.

Real-Time Credit Alerts

Monitors your Experian® credit report and notifies you about a hard inquiry in real time.

CLUB Alerts

Notifies you of changes in your credit limit, credit utilization, and credit balances that may affect credit scores.

Court Record Monitoring

Informs you if a crime is recorded in the court system and tracks law enforcement data, including arrest records, to detect if a crime has been booked using your personal information, such as your name and date of birth.

Change of Address Monitoring

Notifies you if your mail from the United States Postal Service is redirected.

Identity Theft Insurance (various levels depending on plan)

If you experience identity theft, our Identity Theft Insurance reimburses you for certain expenses associated with restoring your identity, including lost wages and legal fees up to $500K/$1M/$5M.

Internet Surveillance

Proprietary technology monitors thousands of websites and millions of data points to detect your personal data on the dark web. If a match with your personal data is found, we will notify you promptly.

Social Security Number Trace

Notifies you of all the names, aliases and addresses that become associated with your Social Security Number.

Child Identity Monitoring

Identify if your child’s personal information such as Social Security number, online account logins, and more have been exposed in a database of major data breaches or is for sale on illegal trading sites.

Payday Loan Monitoring

We’ll notify you if your personal information is used to take out a payday or quick cash loan.

Social Network Monitoring

Notifies you of privacy or reputation risks associated with your social media content, including comments and language.

Financial Account Takeover

Alerts you if your personal information, such as your Social Security number, is used to open new credit or bank accounts, or if unauthorized changes are made to your existing financial accounts.

Identity Restoration

Certified bilingual and multilingual U.S.-based identity restoration service specialists provide step-by-step, full-service support to investigate and restore your identity. Our 24/7/365 services include the use of Limited Power of Attorney to complete restoration activities of your behalf, saving you time.

Lost Wallet Services

Cancel and replace your driver’s license, medical insurance cards, credit and debit cards, and more if your wallet is ever lost or stolen – all with just one call.

Annual Experian® Credit Report and VantageScore®

Stay on top of your credit with annual access to your Experian® credit report and VantageScore® that lenders can use to evaluate your creditworthiness.