Give on the Go

Change Kids Health, Change The Future

‘Give on the Go’ is a free digital banking fundraising app that allows FI’s to prove their commitment to community, while making a real difference on kids treated at your local children’s hospital.
Give on the Go is an innovative online and mobile banking fundraising solution financial institutions can use to raise funds for their local children’s hospital. Created in partnership by GiveWorx, this app allows a member to make a donation through the online banking portal. It is a convenient and user-friendly process, requiring two clicks to complete a donation.

Features & Benefits

Home Banking & Mobile Fundraising - A Modern Solution

Allows FI members to donate online and through mobile banking sites!

Meet members where they are banking today

Members can be invited to donate upon logging in, through a banner add or with your navigation!

Turnkey and easy to use solution for all Financial Institutions

The Give on the Go app is free to install for financial institutions and maintains industry leading compliance!

Support your local children's hospital

Your members want to give back to their community, now they can with the Give on the Go app!