Finn AI

AI-Powered Chat built for Banks & Credit Unions

Finn AI is a conversational AI chatbot built for the Q2 Digital Banking Platform
Finn AI builds conversational AI for banks and credit unions to improve their digital customer experience on mobile, online, and call center channels. Packaged as an all-inclusive Managed Service, Finn uses AI to solve the problem of creating an outstanding digital experience that increases customer success, engagement, and loyalty.

Features & Benefits

800+ out-of-the-box banking workflows, certified for Q2

  • Balance Inquiries
  • Transaction Histories
  • Direct Deposit Information
  • Interest Rate on Account
  • Payment Amounts Due and Statement Date
  • Spending Insights
  • (Available with MX)
  • Money Movement

Pre-integrated, certified chatbot for use in authenticated Q2 online and mobile banking

Finn AI supports a wide range of API-driven user journeys, and they're being integrated with Q2 Caliper APIs.

What does this mean for you? Your users can complete their banking tasks directly with the chatbot, just like they were chatting to their personal banker or an agent in the branch. It's an unparalleled level of convenience and simplicity that was previously only available from the top 6 national banks.

Managed service including banking trained chatbot, infrastructure, management and implementation all in one monthly fee

The Finn AI integration allows existing Q2 Caliper SDK customers to deploy the Finn AI chatbot to their digital banking platform with no development effort required. Users can access the chatbot for content responses in the full library of Finn AI User Goals, as well as navigation assistance to any pages within the Q2 digital banking channel.

Complete end-to-end banking transactions with conversational ease

With Finn AI, users of Q2-based financial institutions can get friendly, automated assistance for hundreds of requests such as: change my address.

  • I’d like to change my address.
  • Help! My credit card is lost.
  • How can I improve my credit score?
  • Please pay my electricity bill
  • What are the fees on my checking account?
  • What are your current mortgage rates?
  • What’s your routing number?
  • Where is your nearest branch?
  • What’s the best credit card option for me?
  • Please pass me to someone who can help me.