Ascenum B2B Marketplace for SMBs

SMBs connect to high-impact, curated service Providers for help at Defining Moments including access to Growth Capital, Operational Improvement, and Advisory services to help Sell their Business.
Ascenum is a B2B Marketplace that enables FIs to expand relationships and introduce service options for their SMB clients beyond traditional banking products. FI's can be a "sticky" digital gateway where SMBs can search and find curated, matched Providers when facing a high-impact business need throughout their business life cycle, whether to access Private Debt & Equity Capital, Tech/Marketing/Finance improvements, Fractional C-Suite services, or Advisors for Exit Planning & Sale of a business.

Features & Benefits

Q2 FIs play a significant role with SMB clients across full business life cycle

Ascenum Marketplace allows FIs to take their SMB clients beyond Deposit, Lending, Cash Management, and other core banking services, helping their SMBs at more Defining Moments

Q2 FIs earn NII referral fees

Ascenum's economic model favors FIs and SMBs (and also simplifies economics for Service Providers). SMBs initially see anonymous thumbnails of Matching Service Providers. Each time an SMB chooses to pay Ascenum to access matched Service Provider(s) contact information, the corresponding Q2 FI realizes revenue.

Q2 FIs expand their digital services for SMB clients

SMBs increasingly rely on digital-first UXs and channels, and this trend will continue as millenial and Gen Z business owners grow. Ascenum helps Q2 FIs meet this trend on their online banking platform.